Halo Prophet’s Bane Energy Sword Accessory


Enter the war zone with the Halo Prophet’s Bane Energy Sword Accessory. Or just go to the Halloween party with this awesome golden sword. Your choice.

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A Sangheili SecretLong before the Covenant was even a thing, there was the End of Night. That might sound like a pretty spooky prophecy, but it was the name of an epic energy sword! Arbiter Thel ‘Vadam just adored this ancient blade… even if he rather got tired of the prophets themselves. So, as the Great Schism loomed ever closer, it was time to give the sword an upgrade, rename the blade, and give it a whole new quest. Do you have what it takes to wield this ancient Sangheili sword!? Product DetailsWe’re sure that you are both worthy and will love owning this officially licensed Prophet’s Bane Energy Sword accessory from Halo. Measuring just over two feet in length, the molded plastic prop has a standard handle and the look of a gleaming, gold energy pattern. Skip the trouble of farming for this mythic weapon out of Halo 5 and dive right into the fun.Upgrade Your GameIt is true that most high-ranking Sangheili eventually put some high-tech upgrades to their regular, old energy swords. But, when the master smiths of Vadam Keep shined up the golden hue of this Prophet’s Bane blade, it’s was about to be Game Over for everyone else! 

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