Halo Infinite Chief Master Deluxe Gloves


Based on the video game, these Halo Infinite Master Chief Deluxe Gloves give your hands the look of a real Spartan. These will let ensure you never miss a shot again!

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Gear Up, SoldierIs the Covenant coming to cause trouble again? Well, then there’s only one thing you can do. Get prepped and ready to take on all those Hunters and Elites with these Deluxe Master Chief Gloves! You should probably complete the rest of the costume because it’s tough to get in the fight with just gloves. Although, even one of these gloves is enough to strike fear into the hearts of a Grunt, given all you’ve put them through. Master Chief has quite the reputation in the galaxy for keeping order.Design & DetailsEveryone who sees you wearing these Master Chief Gloves feel safe in your steely presence. They’re completely polyester, feature wide, flared foam cuffs, and all-over printed graphics. Best of all, they’re officially licensed, so you know these aren’t some dollar bin knock-offs. The Covenant won’t stand a chance this Halloween — you might have more fun kicking their butt than you would actually playing video games!

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