Child Pokemon Deluxe Psyduck Costume


There is a reason that the Psyduck has stuck around since the beginning of the Pokemon universe and we think your little one will love dressing up as one with this Child Pokemon Deluxe Psyduck Costume!

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Psy-Aye-AyeCrazy psychic powers come at a cost! Take Psyduck, for example. He’s the adorable duck Pokemon that tags along with Misty on her adventures through the Kanto region! That little yellow fella has amazing abilities, but he’s always walking around with a splitting headache. When it gets too much for him to handle, he lets a huge psychic blast loose to ease the tension. It comes in pretty handy when it happens during Pokemon battles or when Team Rocket shows up to cause some trouble, but it can be a real nuisance for Pokemon trainers when it happens out of the blue!The good news is that this Pokemon Psyduck Costume for Kids is completely headache-free! It’s a comfy, easy-to-wear outfit based on your child’s favorite video game series.Product DetailsThis kid’s Psydukc costume is an officially licensed Pokemon costume and it’s a great way for any kid to cosplay as their favorite wate-type Pokemon! The costume comes with a bright yellow jumpsuit made out of soft, polyester material. Both the ankles and wrists of the jumpsuit have elastic to help give this costume a cozy fit. The back of the jumpsuit has a little tail attached near the waist. The finishing touch to this costume has to be the attached hood. The hood is designed to look like Psyduck’s face and it even has his eyes, his bill, and his little hairs designed into it!Time to Win Some BadgesOnce your child has this simple Psyduck costume on, they’ll be ready to head to the next gym to win a few badges! The comfortable jumpsuit will have them ready in minutes! He’s going to obliterate Brock in Pewter City, but you might want to let your child skip Lt. Surge’s gym! That guy only uses electric-types!

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