Luna Lovegood Lion Costume Hat


Known as the odd one in your friend group? Forever losing your shoes due to the Nargles? We think you will love this Luna Lovegood Lion Costume Hat for all your costume needs!

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Magically Weird Everything in the Wizarding World is just a bit strange. You thought hopping into the fireplace or rushing through a wall at the station was an odd way to get places? Well, don’t go visiting the lavatory on 2nd street! Still, no matter how strange the world of witches and wizards gets, there are always going to be a few magical creatures that make you realize that you haven’t hit the limit yet. From Nargles and Thestrals to the entire community of House Elves and their oddities, there will always be something that tops the next thing. That’s especially true if you happen to know Luna Lovegood, the most endearing, beloved weirdo in all of the Wizarding World! Product DetailsIf you’d like to follow in Luna’s footsteps, it all starts by wearing this Luna Lovegood Lion Hat! Who else would show up at a festive sporting event in a magically animated lion’s head? Well, you can join in the fun yourself, now, too. The hat is made of soft fabric and ribbon accents and features plushy lion facial features to ensure you have a comfy and magical night. Adjust the size in the interior of the hat so adults and kids alike can join in the fun. A Roaring NightWhile this Luna Lovegood Lion Hat might not actually be enchanted, you’re going to feel a bit closer to the magic of Harry Potter when you wear it! 

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