Mrs. Claus Hat


Everyone knows the real MVP behind Christmas is Mrs. Claus. Put on your Mrs. Claus Hat and make this Holiday season a great one! One size fits most.

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For the MissusEveryone knows exactly what we mean when we say “Santa hat.” You likely have already envisioned a tall red triangular hat with a white fur trim and a white pom on the end. We get it; it’s iconic. And in all fairness, if Santa came down the chimney in a hat that was different in any way than the one we just described, we’d demand an explanation at the very least. However, we’re just a bit tired of Santa getting all the recognition. You see, Mrs. Claus also is a key part of the dynamic Christmas duo. Without her, there would be no cookies for Santa to snack on while he traveled. Santa’s outfit would likely be filthy and torn. The elves would be in panic and disarray without the soothing reassurances of Mrs. Claus. We’re pretty sure, without Mrs. Claus, Christmas would fall apart. Which is why we think it’s high time that people started envisioning a “Mrs. Santa” hat. We see a red bonnet with white lace trim. We see holly and fills. Quite honestly, we’re seeing a vision of this Mrs. Claus hat. Made from polyester, this red hat has an elastic band to maintain a secure fit. So don it with pride. We know the other hat gets plenty of press, but this is the one that people really should recognize.

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