White and Red Striped Adult Socks


This pair of White and Red Striped Adult Socks is perfect for a Christmas look. Wear them with an elf costume or with your favorite ugly Christmas sweater!

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Elf’s ChoiceMost people don’t know. After all, most people never get a chance to meet one of Santa’s elves. They live all the way up in the North Pole and they spend most of their time toiling away in the workshop making toys for all of the good girls and boys. So, how would anyone know that elves are VERY discerning when it comes to choosing socks to put on their feet!Yes, the North Pole requires a sock that’s just right! It needs to be warm enough to hold up to the cold… but not too warm when they’re working hard on making toys. That’s why these White and Red Striped Socks are the perfect socks for Christmas elves across the land!Product DetailsThese socks are a simple design that any discerning elf will love! They’re made out of an acrylic, polyester, and spandex blend that stretch to fit. They have red and white stripes, and they even feature green in the toes and heel to add a little holiday spirit. When you’re done wearing them in the workshop, just go ahead and toss them in the wash, since these are machine washable! They truly are an elf’s dream sock!

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