Birds of Prey Women’s Harley Quinn Tights


Accessorize your Harley Quinn costume with these awesome Women’s Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Tights! They are the perfect accessory to complete your costume look!

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The Tights with a ‘TudeHarley Quinn knows that life is all about having the right attitude. After her break-up with The Joke, she got right back out there to cause some good ol’ fashioned mayhem, with a little help from her brand new pet hyenas that she adopted, of course. She even made a few new friends and took down some bad guys along the way.Do you want the right kind of attitude for causing some mayhem? Well, then maybe you need to take a note from Harley’s book. We’re not suggesting that you tattoo your legs up to commemorate breaking up with Mr. J, but you can get the same kind of look when you wear these Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Tights!Product DetailsInspired by Harley Quinn from the Birds of Prey movie, these nylon tights feature printed graphics all over the thighs. They recreate the look of Harley’s tattoos from the film. They stretch to fit and are designed as a one-size-fits-most style. Just pair them up with your Harley Quinn cosplay and you’ll be ready to take Gotham City by storm with your fierce and unpredictable new attitude. Just resist the urge to adopt a few hyenas as pets!

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