Spanish Matador Men’s Costume


Turn into a striking bullfighter with this Men’s Spanish Matador Costume. With some grace, elegance and the help of that lovely red cape, you’ll be able to stir clean of that raging bull.

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Design & DetailsThis year show off how tough you are when you get into the ring wearing this Adult Matador Costume. Everyone will see that you have style with this red, black, and gold accented costume. Sure it might not be a classic James Bond suit, but you will get plenty of attention from the ladies. And no bullfighting is not technically a sport, it’s more of a performance that can kill you. And you might not make what American football players make, but you will make quite a bit. So swing your cape around in the ring, and try to dodge that bull in this Matador Costume. Actually, don’t try and do that. Just, you know, have fun at a party looking great.

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