Plush Dread Santa Hat


Don’t worry about a thing this holiday season. Add this Dread Santa Plush Hat as a costume accessory and in no time you will be grooving, chilling, and feeling all right in style!

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Take a Load Off, ManIf anyone deserves a vacation, it’s Santa. For 364 days of the year, he’s planning his worldwide delivery route, checking a list of a few billion names for good and bad behavior, and supervising the production of enough presents to match the list. Then on Christmas Eve, he puts all that hard work to, well, work.We assume that even if Santa took a break somewhere warm and away from it all, he’d still manage to get some work done. He’s just the most dedicated employee, CEO, and magic-man that the world knows. However, we think we may have found a way to get him to relax a bit, even if it’s just for one glorious, sunshine-filled day.Product DetailsSanta will be ready to enjoy some much-needed self-care and get a couple of names added (or scratched) from his list with this Dread Santa Plush Hat! This soft, velvet stocking cap is Santa’s favorite red and trimmed with faux fur. With the added feature of fluffy white dreads, Santa is ready to relax into a low maintenance lifestyle (even if it is temporary). So, whether Santa is lying out on the beach, sipping an icy drink, feeling nothing but good vibes, or rushing back to his workshop after a quick vacay, he’ll be looking and feeling his best!

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