Boy’s Holiday Caroler Costume


This Boy’s Holiday Caroler Costume has a traditional look that is perfect for bringing people together through song. Enjoy the holiday season in this wonderful look.

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Caroler of the BellsThroughout the world, people debate (sometimes heatedly) which aspect of the holiday season is, in fact, the best. In your family, there are clear divides: some think it’s Christmas cookies, some say Christmas movies, some say tree decorating, and some say snow. But nobody—and we mean nobody—is as passionate about their choice as your littlest one. For him, it’s caroling or bust! The act of walking door to door, regaling the neighborhood with “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” or “Silent Night,” and then coming home and warming up with hot cocoa, well, it just makes him feel warm and fuzzy all over. And isn’t that what the holidays are all about? We think, given his strong feelings for caroling, that your kiddo will love to have this Holiday Caroler Boy’s Costume in his closet. Just think, now he can slip this on and recreate those happy holiday vibes any time of the year!Product DetailsThis timeless take on a holiday classic will tickle your kid’s fancy from Thanksgiving all the way ’til 4th of July! Talk about a holiday season! It’s a tasteful and totally iconic way to work the magic in throughout the year. It has a tartan plaid vest and a coordinated plaid-banded top hat, which is totally adorable and also proves perfect for tipping the brim and greeting folks at their doors. Mug of cocoa, songbook, and eternal holiday cheer not included, but we’re certain your little guy can produce those on his own!Joy to His WorldThere is no “right” way to do the holidays—everyone has different aspects they connect to. If caroling is your kiddo’s, then foster that feeling all year round. This costume is as perfect for Christmas in July as it is for a white Christmas, and may just spice up an otherwise dull Tuesday night with music, song, and festivity!  

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