Women’s Green Elf Boots


Add some whimsical shoes to your elf costume this Christmas and get these Women’s Green Elf Boots. Stylish zipper on the side for ease of wear.

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The Rules of North Pole FashionEvery place in the world has their different rules for fashion. In big cities like New York and Paris, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality black wardrobe. On the beaches of Miami, colors like coral and turquoise paired with brilliant bleach whites have reigned as favorite colors since the mayor first cut the ribbon to the city. While you might be familiar with the fashion trends of your own city, looking in the mode in the North Pole is another matter entirely. You might be aware of the green and red color scheme but do you have the right shoes for your Santa’s Workshop debut? While you might think the elves curved shoes are simply a fabrication of children’s books we have to set you straight. A curled toe is the sure way to step into a holiday spirit with the best foot forward. Product DetailsThese green suede shoes are sure to make a good impression with the Clauses. The bootie cut is cuffed with the classic pointed elf cut. Whether you’re playing it subtle while pairing these boots with your holiday dress or you’re showing up to a holiday fete with literal bells on, you’ll find that these festive yet fashion-forward shoes will serve your purpose well. They zip up on the side to make putting them on graceful. The curve in the toe will let every elf know that you’re one of the teamSanta’s Workshop Shoe-InWhen it’s the holiday season, there’s no reason to dress up halfway. These high-heeled sassy elf shoes will make a great impression when paired with striped stockings and a furry tasseled hat. They’ll look stunning when you’re rocking a red dress for your work’s Christmas party. Whatever you decide to pair with it, don’t be surprised if you get approached by a North Pole elf recruiter. After all, when you’ve got this much holiday cheer, you’re North Pole team shoe in!

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