Men’s Sexy Apollo Costume


Become the Greek God of your party with this Men’s Sexy Apollo Costume! Apollo is pretty popular with music, so that’s a plus!

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All Hail Apollo!Quick! Name your favorite Greek deity! That can be pretty tough, since there are so many Greek gods and goddesses to choose from. There’s Zeus, the king of the gods, but honestly, we think he’s a little overrated. After all, what does he do besides hurling lightning bolts (that he doesn’t even make himself, mind you) at unsuspecting humans? There’s Poseidon, the god of the sea, who we think is cooler than his brother Zeus, but he’s confined to a pretty set area. If there’s no sea, he’s out of luck. Not very powerful then, is he? You could pick Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, and that’s a pretty decent choice, but she didn’t accomplish much besides having an impressively long list of boyfriends.Of all the Greek gods and goddesses, we say Apollo is the best of the bunch! He’s the god of light, music, harmony, poetry, the sun, healing, plagues, prophecy, knowledge, order, beauty, archery and agriculture… That is a pretty extensive list! Pretty much, this god has something for everyone!Product DetailsFeel like a god among men at your next costume party in this Men’s Sexy Apollo Costume. This ancient Greece-inspired outfit comes with a shirt, cape, skirt, wrist gauntlets and a headpiece. The regal red shirt can be left off if you’re especially daring, and the red and gold Greek-styled skirt is embellished with a lyre print, gleaming golden trim and three red faux jewels near the waist. There’s also a gold polyester satin cape with a large ruby stone at the shoulder. To complete the look, the costume comes with soft golden wrist gauntlets and a gold leaf headpiece. (The sword and gladiator sandals are not included.)An Olympian in the HouseOnce you don this majestic Men’s Sexy Apollo Costume, you’ll be the personification of reason, harmony and moderation… And you’ll look pretty darn handsome, too!

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