Power Rangers Dino Fury Ranger Sword


Have a kiddo who is planning on dressing up as their favorite Dino Fury Ranger? This Power Rangers Dino Fury Ranger Sword is a must have costume accessory for their Power Rangers Dino Fury inspired look to be complete.

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Sword of the DragonThe time has come for your kiddo to step in and prevent another Sporix War from occurring. You’ve already got them their Red Ranger costume and accessories. Your little one is ready to lead the Dino Fury Rangers. However, before they can stop the evil of a Sporix War, you’ll need to arm them. The best weapon for your child, as the Red Ranger, to hold will be this Dino Fury Ranger Sword also known as the Chromafury Saber. As your child has seen in the TV series, this mighty sword has taken out plenty of bad guys. So with this sword now in the hands of your child, we’re sure he will have no problem taking down any threat that comes his way this Halloween.Product DetailsThis toy is made of molded plastic and designed to be a replica of the sword seen in the TV show. It has a black handle and half of the hilt is made to look like the head of a dragon. The blade itself is shimmering silver with a vibrant red streak going up the center of it. There are also three silver teeth that jet out of the blunt end of the blade.

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