Men’s Roman Emperor Costume


Do you know what time it is? It’s toga time! Rule over Roman or your next toga party in style in this Men’s Roman Emperor Costume! Who knew wearing togas could be so fun!

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A New Emperor Takes the Reigns”Cry havok, and let slip the dogs of war!”Never say Julius Caesar didn’t have a flair for the dramatic (yes yes, we know it was Shakespeare who actually wrote those words but just go with us). Now the Roman empire is in your hands, and your subjects shall render unto Caesar that which belongs to Caesar. Which, in short, means that people should give you your stuff back. Have a friend who borrowed that DVD months ago and you’re still waiting for him to return it? Render unto Caesar. That tupperware dish still languishing in another home after you brought that delicious lasagna for dinner? Render unto Caesar! Don’t just ask for it back, demand it! And when you’re wearing this Roman Emperor Costume, you’ll have the authority to order it all!Product DetailsAs they say, all roads lead to Rome, and now all roads will lead to… your house! When you’re dressed up as a Roman emperor, you’ll feel like Caesar himself. The costume begins with a white pullover robe that has bands of gold braid to give you the royal appearance befitting of an emperor! The costume also comes with a gold sequin belt that fits around the waist with a simple fastener. The finishing touch of this costume comes in the form of a gold lear headpiece that has felt backing. When you put it all together, you’ll be ready to turn your home into the royal palace of Rome!

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