Women’s Rich Witch Costume


This classic black dress rich witch costume for women includes a floor length gown with sparkly sheer bell sleeves. This gown also features a waist sash which is decorated with a sparkly rhinestone buckle.

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Typical witches live in a shrouded hut hidden deep within the woods. However, the witch pictured right here is anything but typical…She’s actually a movie star who keeps her sorcery a secret (shh don’t tell anyone). This wealthy witch lives in a gorgeous mansion inside an exclusive Beverly Hills gated community. She uses a 24k gold cauldron to concoct her potions because she wouldn’t be caught dead using a dingy cauldron from the 18th century. Her spell book is bejeweled with diamonds to match her wrist bling and her black cat’s collar. The eye of newt, frog’s breath, dead man’s toes, and other important potion ingredients are kept inside crystal containers because there’s no place for basic glass vials in this upscale enchanter’s home!If you always wanted to take a shot at witchery, but you’re not afraid to admit that you’re also a little high maintenance, then this is the perfect ensemble for you. You’ll look devoted to hocus-pocus in this classic costume, but you’ll also look like a fashion savvy movie star.The floor length gown features a thigh-high slit so it’s perfect to wear whether you’re taking flight on a broom or getting out of a limousine. The sparkly sheer bell sleeves match the waist sash which is decorated with a sparkly rhinestone buckle. For maximum style points, accessorize this costume with a pair of pointy-toed heels and a gnarled broom. No one will know whether you’re headed to an award show or a meeting with your coven!

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