Classical Composer Costume for Kids


Jump in front of the orchestra in this Kids Classical Composer Costume. Bring out your inner Beethoven or Mozart with this vintage-styled red jacket with blue pants and wig.

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WunderkindMozart composed his first symphony at the age of 8. At that age, we were mostly playing with action figures and watching cartoons while we ate breakfast cereal. Yes, we know. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart may not have been an ordinary boy. He was more at home in the orchestra pit than on the playground at that young age, so it’s really no wonder that everyone still talks about the composer to this day! But anyone could have that spark of talent waiting to be honed!Does your child have some unusual skills in the art of music? Maybe they like to compose songs of their own or perhaps they’re a perfectionist when it comes to constructing their playlist for the day. Yes, your child may just have what it takes to be a composer, so let them dress up like a famous composer with this Classical Composer Costume for kids!Product DetailsThis kid’s costume is designed to give your child the look of a real composer from the 1700s! The costume comes with an elegant, red jacket with gold detailing along the edge and around the cuffs. The attached vest is a light gold satin material with buttons along the front. The white cravat has a very formal style and fits around your child’s neck. Of course, every great composer wears a pair of fancy pantaloons! This costume comes with a pair of blue ones that feature an elastic band around the waist. All of it combines for a look that will have your child feeling like a part of music history!The Next MozartEven if your child isn’t quite composing full operas yet, you can still get them ready for a life of music! Just dress them up in this Kid’s Classical Composer Costume and you might inspire them to write their first concerto. Who knows! After that, they might even go on to become the next Mozart.

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