Loki Costume Crown


Have you been burdened with glorious purpose? Then make sure you have the look fit for a king when you add this Loki Costume Crown Accessory to your next costume look!

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I Said KNEEL! Normally, if a random guy appeared and started talking about being burdened with glorious purpose, you’d call security. But look: he’s rocking a pretty cool crown. Hmm. Maybe he really should be the ruler? He does have a pretty confident style. Product DetailsConquer the Earth (or at least make an awesome attempt) with this Loki Costume Crown Accessory! The gold-tone foam accessory dips down across your brow and hooks behind your ears, with an elastic band aroundthe back of the head to keep it in place. The forehead is adorned with two curving horns that will definitely increase your visibility while you’re demanding total submission from your subjects. The God of TricksEnhance your sweeping cloak and your glow stick of destiny with a truly impressive crown! Nothing can stop you from using the Tesseract to conquer the world – unless the Avengers stop fighting with each other long enough to actually start assembling. 

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