Men’s Gold Glitter Platform Shoes


You’ll be shining as bright as a disco ball when you wear this groovy Men’s Gold Glitter Platform Shoes! These shoes will be a great addition to your disco look for your next event.

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Show Some Style Three-piece suits. Cuff links. Leather loafers. Boring!! We can do better than that, gents. The 1970s disco scene opened up a new realm of possibilites for men’s fashion. Dark, drab sport coats are out. John Travolta-esque white bell bottoms, shirts with ruffles, Freddy Mercury’s iconically crazy getups are IN, baby! Douse yourself in glitter and embrace the fun of fashion. It’s your world too! Product DetailsWearing these Gold Glitter Platform Shoes for Men will give you dance fever! Give your feet the gift of style courtesy of this set of glitter-covered platforms. The three-inch heels and cushioned interiors will have you standing tall, while the shimmery outer surfaces will draw all eyes to your fancy footwork. Cord lacing keeps them securely on your feet! Disco Every DayDig out your paisley and don’t skip the mullet! The look that these shoes will give you is too awesome to only wear on Halloween. 

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