Kids Incredibles Dash Classic Costume


Have your child running super fast when he wears this Incredibles Dash Classic Costume for Kids. Features Dash’s iconic look from the hit movie, Incredibles, and is a must have costume for any kid whose favorite character is Dash.

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Dashing HeroDo you have a kid who really loves to go fast? You might have to remind them to take the stairs one at a time or walk through the house instead of sprinting. If a regular kid has that much energy, we can’t imagine what it was like trying to raise Dash Parr and while also telling him that he couldn’t use his super speed. We think it would be really hard to have a superpower and not be able to use it, especially for a kid. Fortunately, Dash does eventually get to use his powers and run at his true speed. Now you can let your kid run out all their energy too when they dress up as Dash!Product DetailsThis Incredibles Dash Classic Costume for Kids is a great option for any high-energy child. The jumpsuit fastens in the back with hook and loop strips so your kid can transform as speedily as they do everything else! The Incredibles logo is printed on the front, and the belt ties the whole thing together. Lastly, the included mask will safely conceal your kid’s identity. Check out the rest of our Incredibles costumes and build your own super family this Halloween! You’ll be able to take down any villains you meet when you have a team of supers at your side.

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