Black Masked Man w/Ties for Adults


This black eye mask with ties will conceal your identity so that you can take up a life of superhero or vigilante work.

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A masked man is very mysterious indeed. A simple detail like a dark mask says so much and yet so little about that shadowy stranger. His eyes are covered, he doesn’t want anyone to know who he is, but what for? It keeps his expressions hidden, but why? Is he up to no good or spreading some incognito love? Wearing a disguise gives the masked man freedom and gives the lady onlookers butterflies. You could be a handsome bandit, but what are you doing with the money? Are you playing Robin Hood or spending it in the saloon? Or maybe you’re some kind of superhero. A simple mask could stop those super villains from finding you when you’re simply having an espresso at your local cafe. Whether you’re an altruistic guy or you’re in the game for yourself, you’re doing yourself a favor by investing in a simple black mask. It’s a classic that’ll never go out of style. Now all you have to do is ask your mom to stop discussing your secret identity at her book club meetings.

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