Wonder Woman Star WW Icon Bandana


This Wonder Woman Star WW Icon Bandana is inspired by the Wonder Woman insignia found in the Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984 films.

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No Wonder No StoryWhat would it be like if Wonder Woman went incognito? Well, she already has a good start. She’s used to dressing like a plain ol’ mortal. Though she could do certain things better. Showing up in an invisible jet is the opposite of undercover because what regular citizen just hovers on air to arrive at the scene. But if she can get away with slipping a giant sword down the back of an evening gown while attending a ball, we suppose an invisible jet is no big deal. Perhaps you can help her maintain undercover status with this Wonder Woman bandana. Because what’s more undercover than casually using your brand to cover your face?Product DetailsThis square bandana can be folded into a neat triangle to wear on your head, around your neck, or tie around your mouth and nose to keep yourself safe in close spaces. The gold Wonder Woman “W” is bold and layered over a triangle of blue star patterned cloth. If undercover isn’t your thing, pair this with any of our fabulous Wonder Woman costumes. Whether you’re wearing this with your own clothes or for a costumed event, this bandana is sure to power up your wardrobe!

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