Girl’s Hi-Lo Gingham Dress Kansas Girl Costume


Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my is our Girl’s Hi-Lo Gingham Dress Costume a great addition for any classic literature themed costume parties! This features the iconic blue and white gingham print on the skirt of the dress with fun modern twist with a hi-l

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On the Road AgainThere’s just nothing quite like heading out on a magical journey with your friends! Your little girl just never knows what sorts of things will happen. That could mean skipping down a yellow brick road arm in arm with some pals or it could mean trying to convince that frightened lion to come out of hiding. She might meet marvelously benevolent witches or some very, VERY wicked ones. She might have to ward off an army of flying critters and she might even bring her cute little puppy dog along for the ride! Maybe she even ends up finding a pair of new shoes on your journey and maybe she even meets some sort of all-knowing wizard!Whatever she ends up doing on her new journey, she’ll need a cute outfit to make her feel confident during the trip. This Hi-Lo Gingham Dress Costume for girls is the perfect outfit to wear!Design & DetailsOur costume designers worked hard to create an outfit that’s perfect for adventuring in faraway fantasy lands! It also happens to be cute for costume parties and dress-up days. The costume begins with a simple white blouse that has puffy shoulders for a classic look that will have your little one feeling like a Kansas Girl! The costume also comes with a blue, gingham style skirt that features decorative bows and decorative buttons on the front. Put it together and you have a simple outfit that will transform your girl into a traveler from a classic fairytale!Bring a Friend!This Made by Us costume that’s great for any girl looking hit the trail again! Make sure you let her bring her dog with her, since we all know that a good pup is the best traveling companion that a girl could have!

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