Women’s Riddler Blazer


The Riddler may be a supervillain, but that doesn’t mean you can’t solve his riddle, all while being dressed to impress in this exclusive DC Comics Women’s Riddler Blazer!

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Riddle Us ThisFinding the right outfit for a formal occasion can be a real PITA. You have to guess a lot of the time, based on how formal the location is and how the others around you might choose to dress. It’s a mess! The worst part is that you almost never get to stick with your personal style.Even the Riddler has to go to his friends’ weddings, work parties, and other formal affairs, but what should he wear? Instead of that tight, secret gadget-ridden spandex, he has to throw on a penguin suit and attempt to look like a normal person of good bearing. How will anyone recognize him when he doesn’t have that trademark green and purple jumpsuit?It Suits YouWell, now, Riddler, you can still rep your cause while looking suave and classy! This Women’s Riddler Blazer is the perfect mashup of sophistication and obfuscation. You will love the purple lining that sets off the bright green suit, just like your normal costume! The question mark covered blazer fits like a dream, complete with all the hallmarks of your dastardly trade. This Made By Us blazer has the highest quality and the best materials to make you look your best. We will provide the style, you just have to bring that characteristic wit and some rambling riddles!

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