Kid’s Scampering Squirrel Costume


You’ll go nuts over exclusive Kid’s Scampering Squirrel Costume! This adorable costume will be perfect for anyone who’s looking for a cute animal costume for their next event.

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Stash the Treats!If you thought we might spare you the puns with this cute Kid’s Scampering Squirrel Costume, you’re nuts. There’s only one costume for the kiddo who’s nuts about nuts: this soft squirrel jumpsuit! Because squirrels are mostly distinguishable by their enormous, disproportionate tails, we made sure this costume made it just big enough. We considered making it bigger, but hey, we think it’s pretty true to form.Design & DetailsYour little one will love scampering across the lawn in search of the perfect place to stash her candy, and those antics are sure to entertain the neighbors and confuse the family dog. And if you’re looking for a memorable Halloween costume, look no further. Out of all the great costumes, it would be impossible to forget the time you or your friend dressed up like an adorable, scampering squirrel. And because it’s one of our Made By Us exclusive costumes, you know every single hair on the tail and stitch in the hood was crafted with love and care. Pair it with some brown sneakers to make it a fun fit for not only any occasion but any day of the week!Ready for WinterThe fun of this costume is in its versatility. If you act now, when you’re just a little squirrel, you can get into a whole lot of fun trouble, like photo-bombing your friends or siblings in this outfit at family gatherings. They’ll blush every time they open the photo album! Senior yearbook? Wedding reception? Early-retirement party? You will always be able to remind them of a time when they thought that happiness and success was as simple as frolicking through fallen leaves and flailing your tail this way and that.

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