Kid’s Play-Doh Costume


What’s better then playing with Play-Doh? Dressing up as one, of course! Your kiddo is sure to have a blast dressing up in this Kid’s Play-Doh Costume on Halloween!

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A Crafty ClassicYour child is really beginning to take shape, huh? They started out as this helpless little baby who needed you for everything, and now they can feed themselves, walk and run and climb, read and sing and create art, and have opinions. For instance, your child is very clear that this Kid’s Play-Doh Costume is their pick for this year’s Halloween party. It is perfect for them. After all, as your kiddo has grown their interests — arts and crafts, building and creating — have grown along with them. So it seems only natural that this fun-loving, crafty classic would speak to them. And the fact that it comes in their favorite color — blue — well that’s just icing on the proverbial Play-Doh cake! Design & DetailsOur in-house designers did a lot of thoughtful work when it came to crafting this sweet look. Trying it on will be just like opening a new tub of Play-Doh—simple, exciting, and full of possibilities. It’s a clever tunic with a jumper-like overlay that comes over the shoulders to create the classic yellow tub, complete with a logo. The outfit includes three headbands you can choose from: red, green, or blue to serve as the lid! Pair the outfit with your kiddo’s favorite matching top and they’ll be the classic putty that we all loved to play with!Time to PlayNow that your kiddo can run from house to house on their own and yell “Trick or Treat!” you can just sit back and watch them enjoy Halloween in this bright and fun costume. Better yet, grab an adult size of the same look and you can enjoy the Play-Doh look together! After all, you did a lot to help mold your child into the cool kid they are, so it is only fair you get to join in the fun.

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