Toilet Paper Costume for Adults


This Adult Toilet Paper Costume will have all of your friends and family laughing. This costume fits comfortably over your head and has holes on the sides for your arms.

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Staple Shortage There’s a saying that goes “You never know what you have until it’s gone.” Think about all the things you use on a daily basis that make our lives livable but that you usually don’t take notice of. For example, forks and spoons, so we don’t have to eat with our fingers. You don’t really consider how useful they are until you pour yourself a bowl of cereal and then realize none of your spoons are clean. (We don’t recommend trying to eat the cereal with a fork. Very inefficient.) One of the greatest underappreciated champions of our households is toilet paper. Of all the things to run out of, it is possibly the worst. What else are we supposed to use to entertain our cats or make an emergency mummy costume? And what is sadder than having to throw a party on short notice when you don’t have any? Where’s the fun in decorating without toilet paper streamers and lovely white paper flowers?  Product Details Show your appreciation of our unsung hero with this Toilet Paper Costume! It has a wire rim to keep that nice round shape and a printed flower design to look like the real thing. The tunic goes over any outfit so you can stay comfy in your own clothes while still showing off a unique costume. You could also get a friend to dress up as a toilet (or even the poop that goes in it) and have a fun group theme! A Notable Necessity Although it’s technically not a superhero, we think toilet paper is pretty great. It certainly saves people from a lot of different poopy situations! If you’re also a fan, then this Toilet Paper Costume is for you. Bring some laughter to any party all while reminding people what types of things really save the world every day! 

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