Springy Elephant Headband & Tail Kit


Want to stand out among the herd? Accessorize your costume with this soft gray Springy Elephant Headband and Tail Kit and you will look elephant-astic!

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The Weight of MotherhoodDid you know that a newborn elephant weighs around 200 pounds? Phew! That’s one strong mama. No wonder elephants are a matriarchal society, with mothers like that! But, as big as these little ones are, they are small in comparison to their older relatives. While many humans are not big enough to match even a baby elephant, you can still pretend you are one of these magnificent creatures with a Springy Elephant Headband & Tail Kit. These accessories might not be as big as the real deal, but they will fit your body’s proportions! Product DetailsThis elephant accessory kit has two of the most important features of an elephant: the ears and tail. The tail is stuffed to help it hold its shape, and a black tuft at the end represents the tail hair, which is quite wirey in real life.  A simple velco type fastener can connect the tail to any belt or belt loop. The ears are large and wide, covered with a plush fabric that is extra fuzzy on the back. But the best part about the ears is that they move! Each ear has two springs that connect it to the headband. 

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