Kids Big Top Clown Costume


It’s a good thing you don’t suffer from coulrophobia… If you did, when your little one tells you that he wants this Child Big Top Clown Costume next Halloween, you might have a breakdown and a serious one at that. “Where did I go wrong.” might

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What do clowns and kids have in common? Both can cause equal amounts of terror! If you’re not a coulrophobe (a person who suffers from serious clown related phobias) or if you’re not really afraid of young children running around wild and unabashed, then yes, this child Big Top Clown costume is for you and your young one. But if the thought of a kid in a clown costume terrifies you then please feel free to look at pirate costumes (we have a ton of those too)!This classic clown look will instantly transform any child into being a comedian worthy of performing under the big top. With a vibrant polyester top, coordinating pants, and a pretty-darn-silly collar, this costume will provide the garments to achieve your little one’s desired look. Add some make-up, a wig, and oversized shoes (sold separately) to complete the look. We’re sure that this kid’s Big Top costume will be a fun addition to your child’s big party, and that you absolutely won’t have anything to fear. (From the kids or your little clown!)

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