Baby Elf Pets Reindeer Costume


There’s no greater joy than getting to spend the winter holiday with your precious baby! Now you can make it even cuter with the new Elf Pets Reindeer Infant Costume!

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Santa’s Favorite Helper There’s a new face at the North Pole this year! This little one is still pretty small, but it’s more than happy to help Kris Kringle prepare for the holidays. Its specialty is cookie tasting, chewing on wrapping paper, and giggling whenever the older reindeer take off in flight. It’s also great at keeping an eye on human children to make sure that they’re on the nice list…at least, when it’s not practicing rolling over. Product DetailsChristmas will be extra magical when your baby wears his or her officially licensed Elf Pets Reindeer Infant Costume! The unisex outfit includes a one-piece jumpsuit made of brown polyester velour that’s as soft to the touch as a reindeer’s fur. It fastens up the center back and also features snaps that run from the crotch down the inseams for easy diaper access. A white oval inset on the torso looks like a reindeer’s underbelly and is embroidered with the words “Elf Pets” in fancy golden script. A white felt collar trimmed with red ribbon and hung with a glitter gold tag lets everyone know that this is no ordinary reindeer! The matching booties slide on easily, have deer-hoof-shaped anti-skid soles perfect for wobbly little crawlers and walkers, and are sewn with rib-knit cuffs. The hood slips over the head and fastens under the chin, leaving an opening for the entire face. Its top is sewn with ears, stand-up antlers, embroidered eyes, and a soft-sculpted muzzle. Reindeer GamesThe other reindeer would have to be crazy not to let this cutie participate in their fun! Your little reindeer is more likely to become the most beloved creature at the North Pole. 

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