Girl’s Nerd Kit


This Girl’s Nerd Kit is a perfect addition to your kid’s student Halloween costume this year and features glasses, suspenders, a headband, and a tie.

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Nerd Alert!So, you’ve heard that nerds are all the rage this year. The only problem? Your child is a totally cool and popular girl! If there’s nothing nerdy about your gal, then you’ll have to get creative if she wants to hop on the bandwagon for Halloween.This Nerd Kit for Girls can turn even the queen bee of the seventh grade into a Grade A dweeb, instantly. How fun! No one will even be able to recognize your little fab fashionista around the school hallways!Product DetailsSuspenders, neckties, and glasses…oh my! This little kit has it all, from the bow in her (nerdy) braids to the pins on her (nerdy) shirt. A patch reads “I Love Nerds,” in case there was any doubt. All she needs is one of those gigantic TI-82 calculators (are those things still around?) and a Periodic Table to tote around, just in case she needs to rattle off some of the elements. Smart StartOf course, the one thing this look can’t do is instill nerdy smarts in its wearer, but luckily, your kid already has them in spades! She may not be a member of the mathletes, but she certainly looks the part for trick-or-treating this year!

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