Cakeworthy Winifred Sanderson Pullover Sweater


This Cakeworthy Winifred Sanderson Pullover Sweater is the perfect gift for any fan of the classic Hocus Pocus movie. Show off your fandom with this comfy Halloween sweater.

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A Modern Disguise Finally! It only took 300 years, but a virgin lit the candle and the Sanderson Sisters have been re-released into the world! Modern-day Salem will never know what hit it. If you want to be a successful witch and suck the life forces out of lots of children, you have to be smart and blend in. The old-fashion dresses and capes will get you too much attention and you won’t be able to fly under the radar (so to speak). You’ll need a fun sweater instead! Product DetailsYou don’t need any magic spells to get your hands on this officially licensed Cakeworthy Winifred Sanderson Pullover Halloween Sweater! The soft polyester-cotton blend fabric is printed with Winifred’s face on a background with a full moon and stars. “Hocus Pocus” is printed underneath. It’ll Put a Spell on You If another glorious morning is making you sick, slip on this fun sweater! It won’t change the disgustingly pretty day, but it will put you in a good mood anyway. 

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