Corkscrew Clown Green Curls Wig


While the color red is a classic color for clowns, we think adding a twist and going green will double your fun! Order this Corkscrew Clown Green Curls Wig to complete either your scary or funny clown costume look today!

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We have to get something of our chest, if you don’t mind. And we hope you don’t judge us. We’re only being honest. So… The circus left town a week or so ago, but no matter what we do, we feel a little off. We just can’t shake it. When we walk downtown, near where the circus was held, we start sweating and watched, if that makes sense. When we get home, we feel followed; like we’re not alone. But we are…we think. And when we close our eyes, we can still picture the big top tent, the glowing and flashing Ferris Wheel, and that clown that hung around from the peanuts to the cotton candy to the rides. It’s strange, but when we left the office yesterday, we could have sworn we saw her leering down one of the third-story windows at us. She looked tired. Maybe she’s getting tired of following us around everywhere. Maybe she dropped her wallet at the cotton candy stand and has been looking for it ever since. Maybe she’s hungry. Yikes. All we know is that, if we really saw her, she’s definitely looking a little worse for wear, and if she’s hungry indeed we hope she finds her way back to the concessions stand. That, and she’s loose in our town for something. Are you fiending for a creepy costume that gets in the heads of everyone around you? This Corkscrew Green Curls Clown Wig of ours will do the trick! It’s synthetic hair on a mesh cap that fits snugly and makes for a great base to any creepy clown costume. Get this and worry less about how to pull off the wild hair and worry more about how to get your makeup and clown costume just right! Just a heads up: we have those things available separately!

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