Toddler Sweet Treats Clown


This Toddler Sweet Treats Clown is the cutest choice for this Halloween season! It features pretty pastel colors and an ice cream cone hat and accessory. It doesn’t get sweeter.

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Sugar and Spice, and Everything NiceClowns are some of our favorite circus performers everywhere. They’re so good at tumbing and cracking jokes, and making others smile. Your toddler is the same way: Not a day goes by that she doesn’t put on a small show or crack her family and friends up with her own infectious giggle. But she has another side to her too, because she loves the sweet things in life. When you combine her two interests, you get a magical outfit! Product DetailsYour little one can live the sweet life in this Toddler Sweet Treats Clown Costume! The polyester jumpsuit is super soft, with cute puffed sleeves and ruffles at the ankles. Its made of alternating blocks of fabric patterned with multicolored polka dots and fabric striped with pink, yellow and blue. Big pom-poms are sewn to the bodice, and the collar and waistband are printed with a pattern that looks like a waffle cone. The included headpiece has a white polka-dot ruffle beneath a pointed waffle-print crown. Say, “Ice Cream!” What’s more perfect than a Halloween costume that celebrates sweet treats? When people see your toddler dressed in such a cute outfit, they’ll probably feel like giving her all of the chocolate bars, sour gummy strings, taffy, bubblegum, fruit chews and candy corn they have. Which is just fine with your little clown! You can explain later that even superstar circus performers like herself still have to share with the ringmaster (that’s definitely you.) 

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