Grim Reaper Car Cling Decoration


Sometimes the people who pass us on the road are rude. Now you have a chance to get them back with this Grim Reaper Car Cling. They’ll see it as a bad omen for daring to cut you off on the highway.

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A Different Kind of PassengerYou’re a nice person and you like to help hitchhikers, but this guy seems a little strange. His face is kind of hidden in his hood, and he’s carrying a weird walking stick. Also, when you tried to chit-chat about where he wants to go, he told you that he’s visiting a “victim.” That pretty much shut down any other conversation attempts. Product DetailsThis Grim Reaper Car Cling Accessory will have people wondering whether to believe their eyes! The peel-and-stick accessory depicts the head and torso of a skeletal Grim Reaper. One bony hand points forward while the other clutches a sharp-looking scythe.  

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