Infant Mighty Moose Costume


Your baby can transform into a majestic forest creature this Halloween with our exclusive Infant Mighty Moose Costume! This realistic looking costume onesie is perfect for your little one.

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The Best Forest Friend Moose are such amazing animals! Bigger than deer or horses, they are gentle souls (as long as you don’t get between them and their delicious grass!) They can swim almost as well as fish and can even hold their breath for a very long time underwater. Plus, they have adorable babies. We think your infant has a lot in common with a moose! They’re both super cute (although your little one is probably a safer choice for snuggling), they love to snack, and splashing around in the bathtub is a favorite pastime. Like the mighty moose, they can capture your heart with just one soft-eyed stare. Product Details When you see your little one in this exclusively designed Mighty Moose Costume for Infants, you’ll know without a doubt that the moose is the most adorable animal on the planet! The onesie-style jumpsuit is made of soft brown fabric and has a V of faux fur across the chest. A sweet little faux fur tail is sewn to the jumpsuit’s seat. Black cuffs on the wrists and ankles hilariously mimic a moose’s hooves. The matching headpiece slips on over the head and fastens comfortably. It features soft, stuffed moose antlers, ears, eyes, and nostrils. Fun Size Your baby will look like a stuffed animal come to life in the cutest possible way this Halloween! Best of all, although a real moose can grow to be around six feet tall and weigh up to 800 pounds, this moose is more of the pint-sized variety!  

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