Kids Deluxe Button Down Jailbird Costume


Rock the black and white stripes this Halloween with the Kid’s Deluxe Button Down Jailbird Costume. Escape the eyes of the fuzz with the Kids Deluxe Button Down Jailbird Costume.

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SENTENCED FOR LIFE!For the crimes of not cleaning their room, stealing all the extra lives instead of sharing with their younger siblings, snatching three cookies before dinner, and teaching the family dog to actually eat their homework, your kiddo has been found guilty!  But, because your kiddo is exceptionally cute and may yet be a model citizen in the future, despite their vicious crimes, the court feels that the normal sentence of permanent grounding and revocation of all future cookies might be overly punishing.Still, an example must be made!  So, from this day forward, we recommend a lifetime status as Player Two to ensure the siblings get plenty opportunities for their turn at the video game controllers and at least one night of wearing their crimes openly on their sleeves.  You might naturally assume we mean that metaphorically, but… no!  In this case, we have the perfect way to make that a literal option! DESIGN & DETAILSShow off that you’re a parent with iron resilience when you give your kiddo the grounding of a lifetime… or at least let them look like they feel that way!  Our own designers are kept chained to the wall all season, so they know just how to make the look convincing with this exclusive Jailbird Costume.  This is a jersey fabric shirt and pant combo, guaranteed to be comfortable despite the old-timey black and white striped prisoner look.  Prison numbers are patched on the chest and back and a pillbox hat completes this iconic look.  Accent it further with some toy handcuffs or, even better, a ball and chain!  A FUN WAY TO GET CHORES DONEYour kiddo already feels like they’ve been sentenced to hard labor when it is time to do the dishes or tidy up the living area, so why not let them look the part, too!?  The only remaining question is what kind of work song they’ll come up with! 

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