Adult Donkey Costume


Check out this Adult Donkey Costume and you can finally be a dense, irritating, miniature beast of burden! No one said you can talk though, rumors have it once you talk you’ll never shut up.

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Eee-aww, good sirEee-aww! Eee-aww! Let’s face facts. You probably have not spent a whole lotta time thinking about what life’s like for donkeys. They seem like outright celebrities at least in terms of the animal world, but truth is, it’s not easy being an Equus africanus asinus. It really is the fact of the matter. Domesticated donkeys do work, and they do a whole lot of it. These animal laborers get a lot done as pack animals or when they draw heavy loads, and for that, we owe them at least a little gratitude for doing their duty. And, we’ve got a perfect way to help them to earn a little more respect for all of that hard work. Just pay homage to the revered donkey this Halloween by wearing our Donkey Costume!Design & DetailsAll practiced up on your own eee-aww’s and ready to go? Then all you have to do is put on this Adult Donkey Costume and you’ll be ready for fun! This donkey jumpsuit is made of soft gray velour fabric. There’s a zipper up the front, and the jumpsuit has attached hoof-shaped hand and shoe covers. The top of the hood has a soft-sculpted character head, complete with tall ears, eyes, a snout, and a faux fur mane. Donkey ModeGet this Adult Donkey Jumpsuit, and you’ll be able to help earn some much-deserved respect for the all-important pack animal. Be sure to shop all of our Made By Us animal costumes to see more awesome critters from every corner of the animal world, too. And, if the Donkey is indeed your final selection, get ready. Because while you’ve heard about beast mode, you’re about to take it to a whole new level. You’re gonna be in donkey mode!

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