Moving Fox Tail


If you’re going to be a fox for Halloween you won’t want to miss out on the Moving Fox Tail. Be one step ahead of everyone else with a tail that moves!

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Your Own Movie MagicThe best costumes have an air of magic about them. They seem too good to be true. In fact, they seem so real, you have to remind yourself that it’s just a costume and not reality. In a lot of those costumes, modern technology is a huge help in blending the line between fantasy and reality. When lights, sound, and motion are just a battery and a button away, there are so many possiblities! Bring your fox costume to life with this Moving Fox Tail. You’ll have people doing double takes all night long! Product DetailsThis fox tail is made of bright orange faux fur, rather than a more realistic faux aesthetic. It ends in a white tip, and it uses an elastic band around the waist to keep it in place. The real magic, of course, is in the motion. This tail can move, with directions from a wired in remote. Just tuck the remote into a pocket or behind a jacket panel, and you can play at having a real, moving tail. Pair with some fox ears from our website. One of those pairs even moves with sound activation! Talk about magical, right? 

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