Adult Shark Sublimated Face Mask


Stay safe with the Adult Shark Sublimated Face Mask. Featuring a shark face on the front. Stay safe and have fun!

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Famished Fish Sharks get a bad rap. Sure, they are terrifying creatures of the deep, but they have feelings too. Would you like it if someone put your food in a metal cage where you couldn’t reach it? What if your food videotaped your attempts to get at it? That would probably make you pretty crabby. And anyone who’s been hangry can sympathize with a shark’s appetite. If you lose a leg or two while taking a dip in the ocean, it’s hardly the shark’s fault that it got the munchies. You can’t be too careful with low blood sugar, and anyway, you have other limbs.Product Details Show your solidarity for these fearsome fish in your Adult’s Shark Sublimated Face Mask! A smiling set of chompers is printed on the velour and broadcloth surface, which is contoured for a comfortable fit over the nose and mouth. Elastic ear loops keep the mask snugly secure. You might get an odd urge to nibble an octopus while you wear this, but at least you’ll be helping to prevent the spread of germs!

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