Evil Clown Men’s Costume


Become the clown of everyone’s nightmares when you wear this Evil Clown Men’s Costume. It features a clown suit with stars and stripes theme with a matching evil clown mask.

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A Sordid SpectacleIt’s late summer in middle America. The sun is low in the sky, casting a golden glow on the shoulder-high corn. There’s not much to do in this sleepy little town. Walking downtown, everything is pretty quiet. There are a couple of old men gossiping in the dusty barber shop, a diner that’s only open for breakfast and lunch and two competing bars that only boast one or two folks on a typical evening. So when the circus came to town suddenly, everyone was on board. Yes, the big top tent seemed a little worse for wear and all the animal cages were empty except for a couple of bones but entertainment is entertainment and the circus wasn’t even charging admission so when the bleary lights rose over the three-ring circus, everyone was in their seats. They were ready for a show. Product DetailsThis clown might look a little unhinged but he’s still patriotic. One side of the oversized jumpsuit is a deep blue with black stars scattered across it. The white side is splashed with a mysterious red substance over the red stripes. The suit has a wide collar with both black and red satin fabric. Topped off with a cracked and disturbing clown mask with an attached hat that fits over your head for full coverage, you’ll be the last thing people want to see under the big top. A Grand FinaleThere were plenty of unforgettable acts in this twisted circus. The trapeze artists skittered around the ropes like spiders. No one could look away from the horrendous knife-throwing act. But the best part was when they brought in the clowns. The picturesque would never forget their macabre parade. This Halloween, leave a grand impression with this wild costume. When people see your wild antics you’re sure to get the last laugh!

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