Black Bug Eyes Sunglasses


Sometimes when you’re surprised you get bug eyes, but there’s no way they’re as buggy as these Black Bug Eyes Costume Sunglasses! Wear these with any Bug themed costume!

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Do you remember that movie, The Fly? If you’re young, you may not have heard of it, but for any 80s kid it’s a seminal moment in their development. Seeing Jeff Goldblum, as scientist Seth Brundle, emerge from the shadows as this human-fly hybrid falling apart, and mutating in real time at the film’s climax? Whew… scary stuff. And all for teleportation. (We’d still get on the transportation device, even if we might turn into a giant fly.)What do these Black Bug Eye Glasses have to do with that? Not a whole lot, except that you too, like Jeff Goldblum, can look like a fly for the night, but luckily without the teleporter DNA splicing back story. And hopefully you won’t have the same kind of tragic end that scientist Seth Brundle met. Falling apart, fly legs popping out…oops spoilers. Just put on these Bug Eye Sunglasses on as you watch the movie, and maybe you will be able to relate, just a little to Seth Brundle.

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