Women’s Voodoo Doll Purse


Give your costume the finishing touches it deserves with this Women’s Voodoo Doll Purse! This purse is shaped like a voodoo doll and is white on one side and black on the other!

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Keeping It ZippedYou can have a Voodoo doll of someone but if you can’t keep it a secret, there’s no way it’ll work. Because everyone knows that voodoo dolls have to start slow. Make your enemies feet itch by flitting a feather over the doll’s toes. Then get creative. Drip water on the doll’s head and make your enemy wonder what is going on and watch from afar as they look around for the source of the annoyance. But if you tell your best friend, they’ll tell their good buddy and your victim is sure to find out. And then you’ll never get to the serious stuff. So make sure you keep your voodoo secrets as secure as this adorable bag will keep your stuff! Product DetailsWant to accessorize your witchy look with an adorable touch? This Voodoo bag will let people know not to get on your list while also letting you stay approachable. It’s made of durable faux leather with a white voodoo doll front that features cute mismatched button eyes and a heart with a pin in it to keep your Voodoo victim under your spell. The back features an all black look with a funtional pocket. D-rings allow you to detach the shoulder strap with ease while the eight-inch by six-inch diameter let you store your belongings comfortably. Good Gloomy VibesJust because you want your ensemble to have a touch of witchcraft doesn’t mean you can’t keep your everyday look cute. Pair this sweet Voodoo bag with a number of witch costumes or simply work it into your October wardrobe. No matter what you wear it with, the bag will give you plenty of room to keep your spell-binding chalk and pins as well while keeping your everyday items like your phone and wallet secure as well. Because even revenge seeking witches need to run errands in style! 

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