Deluxe Minion Costume for Adults


Dress up as your favorite one eyed guy in this Adult Deluxe Minion Costume. This costume includes the one piece suit, oversize hands and a headpiece with the iconic one eye.

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BA-NA-NAIt’s not that you’re a klutz or unusually destructive. Let’s just say that you’re easily distracted! Maybe you’re on a mission to shrink the moon, or stop the wrong kind of villain from turning all of your buddies into purple monsters. Your commitment to the task is 100 percent, but sometimes your journey to the goal takes a couple of detours. Rather than pursue the fleeing villain, you might see a banana truck and chase after it instead. Or, instead of guarding a vital shrink ray, you might decide to make a few hundred photocopies of your butt. Whatever happens, you’ll get there in the end! Product DetailsJoin forces with the world’s cutest evil henchmen when you wear this officially licensed Adult Deluxe Minion Costume! The super-comfy, one-piece jersey knit jumpsuit is designed to look just like the Minions’ denim uniforms. The blue overalls have big appliqued “buttons” on the straps, as well as Gru’s symbol on the chest pocket. Black gloves give you the Minion’s three-fingered look, and the yellow cap with black felt “hair” gives you their iconic hairstyle. The one-eyed goggle lens slips over your own eyes for extra authenticity! Best of the Best…Sort OfWhy does Gru employ the Minions? They aren’t always the fastest or the most efficient henchmen when it comes to plotting a heist, but the truth is that they’re the most loyal, the most fun, and definitely the most adorable helpers to have around. That’s what you and the Minions have in common – with you on hand, everyone is bound to have a good time! 

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