Women’s Rainbow Rave Disco Costume


Hit the dance floor in our Women’s Rainbow Rave Disco Costume. With colors that pop, a design that stuns, and the requisite bell-bottoms this costume is ready to get groovy!

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Kaleidoscope of ColorsEver feel like a single color just isn’t enough? You could head to the disco wearing a shimmering blue dress to help you feel like one cool cat or you could break out a lively red color to really get you ready to groove… but doesn’t it always feel like something’s missing? After all, there’s a whole variety of colors, so why just stick to one when you could bring the entire rainbow to the dance floor?We got you! Now you can bring all of the colors to the party with this Rainbow Rave Disco Costume for women. The costume combines 70s style with the full spectrum of colors to give you a dazzling effect that you’ll be proud to wear while groovin’ out under the disco ball.Design & DetailsOur costume designers want to create a costume that captured the beauty of all the major colors in the rainbow! That’s why they infused this Rainbow Rave Disco Costume with shimmering style. The costume is a jumpsuit style outfit made out of a colorful metallic print fabric. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple are all fully represented in this dazzling jumpsuit! The jumpsuit has a mock-wrap bodice with a simple halter tie around the back of the neck and the back of the dress has a zipper for fitting. The legs are flared at the bottom, which works great if you wear a pair of platform shoes with it! Finally, the costume comes with a belt of matching rainbow fabric to tie around your waist. It comes together for a look that will have you ready to steal the visible spectrum of light when you’re on the dance floor!Shimmering in the 70sIf you want a unique and colorful look to wear to your next retro party, then this 70s style jumpsuit is the perfect option! Now… someone put on some Donna Summer to get the party started!

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