Transformers Optimus Prime Converting Adult Costume


Have you ever wanted to be a cool car, but also be a robot? Well, transform this Halloween into this Transformers Optimus Prime Converting Adult Costume! Roll out!

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Autobots, Roll OutEvery kid dreams of being Optimus Prime. Why? Well, he’s the brave leader of the Autobots and he always protects the world from the dastardly Decepticons! It also doesn’t hurt that he can transform into a semi-truck, which actively combines 2 things that kids love: robots and trucks. Of course, kids grow up and turn into adults and those dreams slowly float away into the back of your mind…Until you see something like this amazing Transformers costume! This costume allows you to look just like Optimus Prime, but you can also convert it into his semi-truck form. That’s enough to make you remember some of those old Autobot dreams! You can finally be the one commanding the Autobots to “Roll out!” when the Decepticons show up to cause trouble!Product DetailsThis officially licensed Adult Transformers Optimus Prime Converting Costume helps you live out your childhood dream of becoming the leader of the Autobots! The costume comes with everything you need, including a shirt, a pair of pants, a mask, and a set of detachable armor. Each piece has realistic details, which include metallic and armor printing. The chest armor is shaped like a semi-truck cabin. The sleeves and pant legs both have foam tires on them for added detail. The mask is molded into the shape of Optimus Prime’s face, so all you have to do is slide it on and you’ll instantly look like your favorite Transformer! And the best part about this costume? With a few simple movements, you can convert the outfit into his semi-truck form.Lead the TeamIf you grew up watching Transformers cartoons and wanted nothing more than to step into the shoes of Optimus Prime, then you are ready for this Optimus Prime costume! With a realistic look and converting action, it’s an easy choice for any grown-up Transformers fan!

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