My Hero Academia All Might Character Hoodie


This is an officially licensed My Hero Academia All Might Character Hoodie for adults. Show your love of this popular anime series with this costume hoodie!

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HERO CREDENTIALSWouldn’t it be great? If there was a real Hero Academy, like the one in My Hero Academia we’d go for sure. Now, we don’t have any Quirks, per se, but that didn’t stop the greatest hero of all time from getting into the superhero business. There are plenty of heroes who didn’t start out having a unique Quirk! We can’t all be like Shoto Todoroki, with crazy powerful parents. Heck, All Might didn’t have a single power at first, but once the One for All Quirk was passed down to him, he becomes the most powerful being in the universe! Now, Izuku Midoriya has it. Who knows! Maybe we’d be the next to inherit the awesome power!Unfortunately, we don’t think a school like U.A. High School exists in real life just yet, so we just have to stick to daydreaming about getting superpowers like him. The good news is that this My Hero Academia All Might Hoodie helps us feel almost like the next wielder of One for All!PRODUCT DETAILSThis My Hero Academia costume hoodie is based on the iconic character from the anime series. The hoodie is a zip-style sweatshirt made from a cotton/poly blend that’s comfortable for everyday wear. It’s designed to look like All Might’s superhero outfit and even has a stylized hood that looks like his signature hairstyle. It has 2 pockets in the front, perfect for carrying any crime-fighting gear you might have.HERO COSPLAYEven if you’re not planning fighting any supervillains, you can still feel like a true hero when you wear this My Hero Academia hoodie. It also makes for a quick and easy way to cosplay as your favorite character from the anime series, so make sure to have it ready for the next con you’re attending.

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