Transformers Toddler Optimus Prime Costume


Help your little autobot reach his prime awesomeness with this Transformers Toddler Optimus Prime Costume!

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Kid in DisguiseTransformers understand costumes. It’s part of their internal program. Each one of them has a costume built into them by design. Take Optimus Prime, for instance. On the one hand, you have the mighty robot. He’s the brave leader of the Autobots. He has the guts to fight against any evil Decepticon! On the other hand, you have the super cool semi-truck. He can cruise through the streets of any city undetected by human eyes. (We also hear that he can transport a full load of toys across the country in semi-truck form). Yes, Optimus Prime knows how to make the best of both worlds, even if his semi-truck form is basically just a Transformer costume!Well, now your child will be able to transform from a super-awesome kid into the heroic Transformer! This Toddler Optimus Prime Costume is the perfect outfit for any young fan of the Autobots.Product DetailsThis kid’s costume comes with everything your child needs to become their favorite Transformer! It comes with a full-body jumpsuit that has muscle padding in the chest and arms. That gives your little one a buff and tough look, just like Optimus Prime from the cartoons! The jumpsuit has printed details all over the exterior and it fits with a fastener in the back. It also features felt shoulder pieces that look like exhaust pipes. The mask has a foam backing and covers the upper half of your toddler’s face. It fits with an elastic band around the back. When your child has it all on, their transformation into Optimus Prime will be complete!The Complete TransformationIf your child wants to turn into their favorite Transformer, then this costume is an easy choice! It comes with a realistic style and plenty of pieces to help your child become Optimus Prime!

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