Power Rangers Dino Fury Blue Ranger Kid’s Gloves


If your kiddo is dressing up as the Dino Fury Blue Ranger, these Power Rangers Dino Fury Blue Ranger Gloves for Kids are a must have costume accessory. These Power Rangers Dino Fury Blue Ranger Gloves for Kids will complete the Dino Fury Blue Ranger look.

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Gloves That Get The Job DoneYou grew up watching your favorite heroes, the Power Rangers, save the day. They would put a stop to world-threatening villains, one after another. Now your kiddo is enjoying the same thing. However, time changes everything, even the Power Rangers. Nowadays kids get to watch the Dino Fury version of Rangers fight even bigger and badder villains than you could have ever imagined!This Halloween you can make their dream come true when you help them transform into one of these mighty Power Rangers. If their favorite Ranger is Ollie Akana, the Blue Ranger, then we have just what you need. Once you’ve got their Ranger suit and mask all picked out, you’ll still need one thing, or maybe we should say, two things. This pair of Power Rangers Dino Fury Blue Ranger Gloves! It will complete your little one’s costume and they’ll be ready to take on any mission this Halloween. Although we have a feeling, their only mission will be to collect as much candy as possible.   Product DetailsThese officially licensed gloves are made of 100 percent polyester jersey knit fabric. They are designed to reach up to your child’s wrists. TV show accurate graphics printed on each glove. 

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