Classic Storybook Lion Costume for Adults


Jump off the pages of your favorite storybook from your childhood with this Adult Classic Storybook Lion Costume.

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It’s Good to be KingImagine, for a moment, that you’re a lion. You’re a-lion on a flat slab of rock (excuse our little joke) in the middle of the African plains, enjoying the warm breeze ripple through your mane. You sniff the air – half a mile away, a herd of antelope graze peacefully, unaware that a predator is near. Sounds like dinner is served. But wait! You don’t have to do the hunting! In a pride of lions, the females frequently group together to do the hunting, killing, and the dragging-the-carcass-homing. All you have to do is LION that rock! (Sorry again. We couldn’t help it). Enjoy the experience of having a lion harem. It really is great to be King of the Beasts!Product Details They’ll definitely hear you roar in this exclusive Classic Storybook Lion Adult Costume! The super-soft plushy, 100 percent polyester jumpsuit is cozy and majestic at the same time. The attached mane matches the headpiece’s trim in coordination so marvelous, it’s no wonder you have so many lionesses at your beck and call. The gloves and foot coverings sport fearsome claws just to show that you could totally take down that wildebeest if you had to. You do know how. At least, you watched the ladies do it once. Oh well. The bow you sport on your attached tail shows what this lion’s primary responsibility is – looking amazing!Not Lion Down on the JobThe job of being awesome, that is! Looking majestic is a big task. Good thing you’re up to it!

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