Men’s KISS Spaceman Boots


Don’t be caught walking in the jungle without your KISS Spaceman Boots for Men, baby! You’ll be ready to rock the night away in these exclusive costume boots.

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The Boots from Outer SpaceSpaceman must be from outer space. The way he shreds his guitar through song after song, producing pure rock and roll energy out of his fingers? The way he struts around the stage in the silvery outfit, making the crowd go wild? Well, there’s no way he’s just a mere human. Maybe he comes from the moon… with the mission to rock the world to its core!Well, now you can channel some of that Spaceman energy for yourself when you step into these KISS Spaceman Boots for men. They’re officially licensed and they also officially rock from here to outer space.Design & DetailsWhether you want to add some flair to your next show or you want to become the legendary guitarist from KISS, this pair of KISS Spaceman Boots will have you ready to rock. The boots have zippers for fitting and are completely covered in a shimmering metallic silver sheen. The high platform bottoms give you extra height and the top features a cuff that makes them look like boots that came straight from the moon! They also pair perfectly with our officially licensed KISS costumes, so you can get the full Spaceman experience!

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